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SZBND reached Baidu Brain Hardware Ecology Alliance, the first batch of alliance partners, the far-field voice development kit was officially released.

Date: 2019-1-15
On January 16, Baidu Brain AI Hardware Platform and Product Conference was held in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Together with its ecological partners, a series of new products and services got official launched. Shenzhen BND Electronic Co., Ltd is honored to be the first batch of partners in Baidu Brain Hardware Ecology Alliance with good news that far-field voice development kit was officially released.

"Baidu owns the most comprehensive and leading AI open platform in the industry, and we have been committed to developing the wide application and landing of AI capabilities. But many specific scenarios should rely on new hardware to achieve AI landing, so we hope to provide more integrated and better hardware products and software-hardware integration services for the industry, and accelerate the application further." Yu Youping, the general manager of Baidu AI Technology Ecology Department, said on the spot.

On speech recognition aspect, Baidu intends to open the software and hardware technology of far-field recognition microphone array for all manufacturers to using, which is the most important technology part of smart speakers.

"I do remember clearly in 2017, Baidu predicted that a large number of technology companies would launch far-field microphone arrays." Xie Yan, the head of product and architecture of Baidu Voice Technology, said at the conference: "Last year´s development in the field of intelligent speakers confirmed our prediction. Today, the number of DuerOS activations exceeds 200 million, which is closely related to the progress of speech recognition technology in Baidu Brain. "

Baidu introduced some recent technological breakthroughs at the launch, including one wake-up multiple interaction technology and the newly launched SMLTA model. Baidu believes that in the era of far-field speech recognition, developers have four key points to pay attention to: signal processing, combination of hardware and software, end-to-end (in AI modeling) and wake-up technology (in whole word wake-up word modeling). In order to facilitate more companies to develop their own products, Baidu has released a far-field voice development kit. The newly released development kit uses Android system and carries far-field voice end-to-end technology. Its hardware can choose two kinds of boards with high performance or high cost performance. There are three kinds of microphone arrays: ring 6+1 microphone, linear 4 microphone and vehicle 3 microphone arrays. Baidu far-field voice development kit is based on end-to-end solution and guided by the best technology practice. It can solve the problems of no available equipment selection, high cost of selection and debugging, and poor debugging effect in the process of voice interactive product development. The scheme supports echo cancellation, sound source localization, beamforming, noise suppression and other processing algorithms.

"Baidu´s far-field voice development suite has been developed since 2017, and it has not been released until today." Xie Yan said. Baidu is also doing its own DSP solutions, in order to further reduce hardware costs and reduce the threshold.

As we all know, Shenzhen BND Electronic Co., Ltd is the core strategy partner of Rochchip. Now Baidu has released a far-field voice development kit based on Rocchip RK3308 chip scheme, which demonstrates once again SZBND´s investment and determination in the field of IOT. Now Baidu Brain Hardware Ecology Alliance has become the first batch of alliance partners, which once again demonstrates the strength of the company. In the future, SZBND will join hands with other partners of Baidu Brain Hardware Ecology Alliance and more global excellent intelligent related enterprises to expand hardware products in all directions and create sustainable AI application students. State, create value for more customers

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